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Lolo Jones, a Des Moines native and track and field athlete, has posed nude for ESPN Magazine (photo below).  Jones has competed in the Olympics several times, and she apparently cares deeply for her home city and state.  From Wikipedia:

While visiting Des Moines for the Drake Relays, she made a surprise visit to her alma mater, Roosevelt High School, to deliver a pair of new Asics running shoes for each member of the school’s track team. She also delivered a $3,000 check to buy indoor practice hurdles and for improvements to repair the school’s track surface.

In July 2008, while back in Des Moines for a send-off ceremony before the 2008 Summer Olympics, Jones donated her $4,000 prize she earned from winning the 100-meter hurdles at the Olympic trials to Renee Trout, a single mother from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who was hit by the Iowa flood of 2008. Asics and Oakley each matched Jones’ $4,000 prize, bringing the total donation to $12,000.[19] After the sendoff ceremony, Jones flew with Trout to Cedar Rapids aboard a private jet provided by the Iowa Farm Bureau to tour the neighborhoods affected by the flood, including Trout’s.

No word on how much money she received from ESPN, but she has a habit of donating to those in need.

Lolo Jones posed naked for a recent issue of ESPN magazine.

Lolo Jones posed naked for a recent issue of ESPN magazine.


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